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Imagine picturesque streets, neighborhood bars with soul, charming modern restaurants, friends toasting to the weekend on a terraza, or the liveliness of people out and about… Now imagine that your apartment is in the middle of all of this. Centrally located, full of restaurants, the scene of cultural events, and the home of locals - this is what describes Homeclub Barcelona. Whether you rent an apartment for days, weeks, months, or years, when you live in one of our exclusive apartments, your stay will be extraordinary.

We take care of your needs with our high-quality customer service so you can focus on what matters: experiencing Barcelona.

Discover Gràcia Nova

Gràcia Nova, the less explored heart of Barcelona, reveals itself as a hidden gem that maintains the bohemian essence and vibrant atmosphere of its Gràcia district. This neighborhood, with its network of narrow streets and cozy squares, is the canvas of a united and diverse community that celebrates life at every step. What sets Gràcia Nova apart is its ability to balance the tranquility of a residential neighborhood with the buzz of urban life, offering a unique experience to those who explore it.

Walking through Gràcia Nova, one discovers a mosaic of local life, where every square, café, and shop tells a story. This neighborhood is a haven for artists, craftsmen, and entrepreneurs, who find in its streets a space for inspiration and creation. The cultural and artistic offerings manifest in galleries, workshops, and alternative spaces that give the neighborhood a distinctive character and a creative atmosphere.

Organic food markets, consumer cooperatives, and second-hand stores reflect the environmental and social awareness of its neighbors. This spirit extends to local festivities, especially during the Fiesta Mayor de Gràcia, where Gràcia Nova actively participates, decorating its streets and squares with impressive artistic installations made by the neighbors, turning the neighborhood into a showcase of creativity.

The nightlife in Gràcia Nova, though more contained than in other Barcelona neighborhoods, offers corners where music, gastronomy, and good company meet. From bars with live music to restaurants with innovative menus, the neighborhood invites you to enjoy the Barcelona nights with a more relaxed and personal rhythm.

Exploring Gràcia Nova is to delve into a unique chapter of Barcelona, where tradition and modernity blend in an atmosphere of harmony and mutual respect. This neighborhood not only offers an escape from mass tourism but also presents an opportunity to connect with the authentic Barcelona lifestyle, where the importance of community is celebrated every day. With its streets full of history, vibrant cultural life, and commitment to a sustainable future, Gràcia Nova stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of Barcelona.

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Visit our website and locate the search bar. Enter your destination and the requested dates to check available properties. Once in the property listing, we recommend applying filters to refine your search (# bedrooms, # price, # amenities, etc).

You can complete the entire process online. On the property's page, complete the booking process in just 3 steps: entering your details, making the payment (credit card or bank transfer), and signing the contract. Rates may vary depending on availability and selected dates. The platform will display similar options for your choice.

We understand the importance of visiting the property before making a decision, so we will be happy to arrange a visit, subject to availability and authorization from the current tenant. To coordinate it, contact us at least 48 hours in advance. Our agents know each property and are ready to assist you.

In certain situations, you can modify the dates based on availability. To do so, contact a Homeclub reservations agent to explore options. Please note that changes may involve price adjustments depending on the season and notification period.

Reservation Cancellation Policy for Daily Bookings:

More than 10 days before check-in: 100% refund. Less than 10 days before check-in: No refund applies.

Reservation Cancellation Policy for Monthly Bookings:

You can cancel any period by notifying at least 30 days in advance of the rental period. In case you have enjoyed a cheaper rate due to a commitment to stay, the corresponding penalty will apply to the rate difference when shortening your stay.

The payment schedule varies depending on the length of stay.

For reservations up to 60 days, full payment of rent, service fee, and security deposit and/or bond is required in advance. For stays longer than 60 days, payment for the first two months is requested to confirm the reservation (along with the service fee and security deposit and/or bond), and the remaining monthly payments will be made one month in advance of the start of the next rental period along with the service fee.

Payment can be made by bank transfer or card. In case of payment delay, an additional 5% charge per day of delay will apply.

You do not need to print or bring any documents at check-in; the check-in agent will take care of it. However, you will need to bring your identification (i.e., passport or ID) with which you confirmed your reservation on our website.

Contact us if the person receiving the property is different from the reservation holder or tenant to authorize this procedure.

It is an amount of money that the tenant pays when formalizing their reservation and aims to guarantee compliance with the terms of the lease contract and cover possible damages attributable to misuse. The refund is made within a maximum of ten working days after departure.

We love pets, however, not all owners allow us to accommodate them. Some of our properties are dog friendly, and you can find this information in the property's amenities.

An additional cleaning fee and a higher security deposit will be required.

Our apartments have spacious dining tables and comfortable chairs for remote work along with high-speed internet. In case you prefer to have a professional workstation, contact us to check availability and cost.
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