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Our People

Our Mission

We make it easy to live well, wherever and whenever you want.


Our employees drive our company. We create an inspiring and welcoming work environment where every voice is valued. We foster a culture of collaboration, respect, and trust, promoting flexibility and support.

Leadership Principles

This framework guides us in daily decisions, project planning, team building, and achieving success

Work better together

Leaders value personal achievements and share in collective successes and failures. We're committed to supporting each other to foster a sense of belonging that drives us toward our goals, achieving great things together.

Dream big

Leaders are innovative problem-solvers. They take significant risks, aiming to consistently challenge themselves. Leaders establish a clear vision that motivates a team and achieves significant impact with substantial results.

We take full ownership

Leaders encourage our staff to take full responsibility for their work and make their own decisions based on data, scalable systems and processes and what is best in the long-term.

We love clients

Leaders put the customer first. Always. We are flexible, prioritizing initiatives that deliver the most value in the customer experience for both owners and tenants.

We seek excellence

Excellence is not a goal- it’s a mentality and an approach to doing things. Leaders are constantly improving processes to deliver better results. Quality comes from attention to details. This ultimately leads to lasting success.

We efficiently use our resources

Leaders continuously seek ways to save money and conserve resources. They do more with less and find ways to optimize, reduce costs, and automate. They know that the answer is not always to have more staff or budget.

Join our team

We are a dynamic and collaborative company, and when we work together in the office, our combined efforts truly make a difference.

See Vacancies

Our selection process in 4 steps

First Interview

In this phase, you will meet the PEOPLE team. We’ll get to know you better and share more about the Homeclub experience as well as what the day-to-day of working at Homeclub looks like.

Skills assessment

During this step in the hiring process, we’ll have you demonstrate your abilities and practical skills.

Second Interview

In this interview, you will meet with the lead of your department, learn more about the details of the job and what your role will be in this position.

Third Interview

During the last step of the interview process, our management team will have the opportunity to meet with you and share the Homeclub philosophy with you before you begin a new chapter in your career.

Why join the Homeclub team?

A new position changes your life in many ways. With this in mind, our objective is to make working with Homeclub more than a simple 9-5. We aim to make Homeclub a source of inspiration and personal fulfillment. Each member on our team is a fundamental piece of what we do. As part of our commitment to our team members, we work to create a healthy, welcoming, inspiring, and empowering work environment.
Monthly team-building activities
Free coffee and tea
Discounts on Homeclub apartments for your family members
Flexible work schedule
Present and half-day on your birthday
Professional development
Discounts at partner stores

We tell you the reasons why we love being part of Homeclub

People first

Supporting one another is our priority. We foster trust through active listening, open communication, and treating everyone with respect.

Empowering Teams

By fostering curiosity, connections, and autonomy, we empower our team members to thrive in their careers.

Life at Homeclub

We strive daily to improve and enjoy life. Whether celebrating achievements or grabbing a coffee, life at Homeclub is vibrant and enriching.

Diversity and inclusion

We are committed to building a dynamic team of people with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

Stay tuned!

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