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If you’re a freelancer or you travel for work you’ve likely already heard about coworking spaces. These spaces, set up in most major cities around the world, are especially popular with freelancers, entrepreneurs, or digital nomads. Basically anyone who is expecting to travel a lot for work. They are becoming more and more popular with the rise of international businesses and remote work. 

Inside each shared office space you will find amenities like private meeting rooms, kitchen, coffee machines, and break rooms. Along with the essential high-speed internet. For those staying with Home Club – there are many coworking spaces in Madrid and Barcelona perfect for many types of companies.


What to Expect From Co-Working Spaces.

Inside it has everything you need to start working during your time in the city – whether you’re a big business, a small startup, or a solotrepreneur.

Just because you’re working doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style. These workspaces are all decked out with vibrant modern furniture. Attention to detail in the designer decoration helps to keep you motivated and inspired while you are working on your latest important project.

As standard, many workspaces come equipped with 24/7 access and their own reception and support staff to assist you with anything you might need. While there is a kitchen for you to prepare your own snacks, catering is often provided and can be requested so that you don’t have to worry about what to do for lunch. 

Flexible workspaces are an option that is increasingly being used by companies of all sizes. Clients and managers often find the benefit of these productive environments help their teams to thrive.

Also importantly, all the spaces, including every surface, are cleaned twice a day. This way you can be sure you are working in a sterile environment – and it allows you the option to get out of the stuffy home office.



Benefits of Coworking Spaces.

Studies have shown that employees thrive in coworking spaces when compared to regular offices. Working amongst other like-minded professionals has been demonstrated to improve motivation and a sense of meaningful community. 

One of the major appeals of coworking spaces are their flexibility. You get the same great benefits wherever you are in the world. Not only do you get 24/7 access and security in a professional environment; it is great for big or small businesses that want to instantly have access to big-budget amenities when they arrive in a new city. 

It can also be more efficient for one-off commitments. Perhaps you have a presentation to give – a meeting with a client and you want a professional environment in which to give your pitch. Meeting rooms can be rented by the day and are useful for those quick impromptu meetings that can come up at any time. Each rented room typically comes with projectors, adaptors, and LED screens, making presentations simple. 

Additionally, at the office, you have to stick to one geographical location, whereas coworking spaces give the opportunity to travel. Being able to work in a consistent, high-tech environment whether you are in Barcelona, Berlin, or Singapore is not only personally liberating, but also offers opportunities to meet international clients in person.

Other benefits include access to events and workshops held at each workspace. These can vary wildly in topic and industry but all of them offer something of value to learn or gain. Connections and networking are a big part of coworking spaces. Working alongside many different types of businesses across different industries in one professional environment can lead to interesting connections and opportunities being made that couldn’t have happened in a traditional office 5-10 years ago.



Workspaces in Spain with Home Club & Lexington.

If you’re in Spain and are looking for a place to work, and you need a professional, top-quality environment to focus – then we definitely suggest you discover Lexington. Their prices are all-inclusive so you don’t have to worry about hidden costs like internet, everything is ready to go the moment you walk in the door. Plus, we’re collaborating with Lexington to offer exclusive discounts for members of Home Club or Villa Club.

Their flexible contracts allow you to rent for days, months, or years. With discounted rates available for longer stays, They also provide next-generation technologies like virtual office space. Perfect for remote workers or companies that need a safe and strategic international presence; the virtual office allows you to set up a business address along with customizable call management service in any language. Save time and money by using the technology to set up a virtual office today

So if you’re looking for the best coworking spaces in Lexington – it offers a smart way to set up your business if you’re looking to work remotely in Madrid or Barcelona. Discover the best work environment for your employees, find coworking spaces near you to find out how they can make your business more efficient.


By Tyler Wood.


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