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Recognizable all over the world, how much do you know about the true Marbella? Today the sun-soaked town is developing beyond premium tourism – becoming an important venue for cultural events and a future design paradise all year round. Our local curators have been scouting the hidden gems that you won’t find in the Marbella travel guide! 


Things to do.


Where the warm ocean breeze hits the fresh mountain air in the south of Spain. Marbella offers a stunning experience year-round. With over 17 miles of beaches, it is the place to go if you want choice, serenity, and warm ocean air. 



The calm waters and warm sands attract many international visitors that come to bask in the unique atmosphere of Marbella. One of the more tranquil areas is the beautiful Cabopino beach, where the shallow waters make an excellent place to watch the sunset. Meanwhile, by the marina, Levante beach also has a good balance of leisure activities and shaded bars if you need a temporary escape from the midday sun. 



After the beach discover some of Marbella’s top conceptual and alternative art. Alejandro Hermann’s new gallery is receiving international praise, especially his new curation projects. Later at number 11, you can find the alternative exhibition of Josephus van Gestels. Dedicated to bohemian sculpture and paintings inspired by the city. 


Parks & Nature.

Connecting the beach and the park is the artistic Avenida del Mar, decorated with wonderful fountains and open air-sculptures by none other than Dali himself. After a walk through the boulevard, you’ll find yourself in the green oasis of Alameda Park in the heart of the city. Further along is Paseo Martimimo, lined with cozy cafes along the seaside. But, the most challenging hike in the area is the mountain of La Concha, which towers over Marbella. While it’s a tough trek, the priceless views make it worth it.


Puerto Banús.

The iconic city harbor is known for its lively atmosphere surrounded by majestic mountains and crystal blue water. In the port, it’s not uncommon to see beautiful yachts parked along the waterfront while you stroll down the palm-tree boulevards. While it can get busy from the flow of tourists from around the world, we suggest diving into the authentic at one of the classic restaurants serving traditional meals that take you back in time. In particular, we recommend Cafe Rosas, a health food spot with the added twist of having a menu just for your pets!


Old Town.

If you prefer a quieter plan lose yourself in the maze of narrow passages and alleyways where the local fashion and flavor shine. The historic core of the city expands out of Marbella in all directions. In these Mediterranean streets; cozy terraces and flower pots decorate the whitewashed walls. Making it the perfect place to experience the city’s deep Andalusian heritage. 

Discover Plaza de Los Naranjos, a vibrant 15th-century square of cobbled floors and vibrant terraces.  Once you’ve visited it’s easy to remember because of the lovely smell of blossoming orange trees that line the square. An unbeatable spot is Churrería Ramón which locals claim serves the best churros with chocolate in the country. We invite you to take the challenge and discover for yourself! 




Breathe Gastrobar&Garden €€.

In the heart of Puerto Banus, this place is great for food and drink, alongside views that overlook the harbor. Upscale with a well-designed interior the restaurant has a great atmosphere with chill music and serves all kinds of food. 

Rosas Café €€.

Sustainability, health, and pets? This is the only health food restaurant we know about where the dog has its own menu. A big attraction for pet lovers and their owners you can choose from their organic snake bowls or instead of their artisanal pastries. 

Maison Lu €€€.

Inspired by French cuisine and the golden age of Marbella, Jean Porsche lends his creative talent to the interior design of the vibrant bistro. With 6 different sections each invoking a different part of Mediterranean history, this is a stand-out location. Creative colors and even better Michelin star food, especially their classic fish dishes.

Puente Romano €€€.

Fine dining and great service that seems to get tastier every year. It´s in an excellent location next to the beach with stellar views of the ocean. We especially recommend their paella. 

Nobu €€€.

Taking dinner to the next level Nobu combines traditional Japanese dishes and infuses them with Peruvian style and tastes. Redefining the food and drink experience in Marbella´s Golden Mile. 

Leña by Dani Garcia €€.

A well-renowned steakhouse with a relaxed atmosphere that is perfect for larger groups. The menu is varied with a large selection of dishes but with an emphasis on smoked meats, all delicious. 



Bars / Nightlife. 


Playa Padre.

Relax at the beach. Lounging at this bohemian bar and watching the sunset is an unmissable experience. 


Another great option to catch the sunset is this rooftop bar that gets stunning views of all Marbella. The staff here are very friendly and the decoration is tasteful in pristine white with a designer atmosphere.

El Chiriguito.

This oceanfront bar has a masterfully done sea grill. Again it is right by the beach, however, it is not too busy and is great for a casual drink or food. We loved the cocktails and the grilled prawns. 


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