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French Inspiration in this Madrid apartment

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Villa II is a stunning apartment that exudes class and elegance with its French inspiration and its rich natural tones. We are proud that this apartment has been featured in the latest edition of AD Magazine. In AD´s review, they mention the complete renovation that took place to turn this apartment into a stately affair with a lot of hand-crafted attention to detail. Specifically the use of rich tones, bold colors, and sculptural pieces of modern art that completes the grand style. They go on to highlight the art deco style which combines granite surfaces, for the tables and fireplace, and soft pastel colored seating in the lounge area.

Villa II is a great apartment to feature – credit goes to Miguel Muñoz studios design team for their careful construction, who really outdid themselves with the use of colorful jungle-themed decoration, artistic murals, and ornate chandeliers throughout the whole apartment.

The goal with the tropical theme throughout was to make this apartment feel really unique and to stand out. Adding to this is quality wallpaper that has a woven effect and metallic finish. 

The team really focused on stand-out pieces to come up with decoration ideas that were different but still wouldn’t feel out of place in a premier apartment in the center of Madrid.

If you want to read more from the original article check it out here. Or if you want to look into booking the apartment for yourself check out more information on our website



By Tyler Wood.


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