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Small Island Paradise

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Idyllic beaches, in an idyllic landscape – the small island of Formentera, just off the south the Balearic Isles, cannot be missed. Here the time passes slowly and it has one of the most relaxed and laidback lifestyles in the Mediterranean. 

Feel the energy of the island in one of our boho villas. There is nothing better than getting up surrounded by undisturbed nature and enjoying the tranquility that Formentera offers. Rent one of our Formentera villas and have breakfast prepared in front of the sea – and let yourself be carried by the positive energy of the island. 



Things to do.

Views For the best views of the coast and ocean you have to discover Faro de la Mola. Found on the east side of the island, you know you’ve found the right spot if you can see the lighthouse. This is the perfect spot for photography lovers – it offers a stunning landscape ideal for resting and catching the sun. Few islands in the world allow you to enjoy such a unique sunrise. 

Beaches Being a small island Formentera is home to some of the most beautiful undisturbed beaches in Spain. If you’re visiting we suggest you try the north side of the island with beaches like Ses Illetes. Here there are white sands on a narrow strip of land with the calm blue ocean on either side with the beach itself being quiet as well. All the beaches around here are amazing and a must-see for a unique experience where you have calm crystal clear waters all around you. There is also S’Espalmador a tiny beach island just off the coast for those that want to experience proper seclusion and leisure. Finally, Calo des Mort on the other side of the island is a popular destination with pristine blue waters.

Village MarketsIn the small town of Sant Ferran de ses Roques there is a street market set up next to the plaza in the evening every Wednesday and Sunday from 19:00 to 00:00. 

Local ShoppingIf you’re looking to pick up a local souvenir don’t miss Sant Francesc – a small town in the center of the island with traditional white houses and small Mediterranean shops where you can buy all kinds of clothing and gifts handmade by artisans, all with great influence from the sea and the traditions of the area. We recommend a visit and lose yourself in its streets.

Walks & Monumentsaround Torre de sa Punta Prima is a great place for a morning coastal walk. It offers a great viewpoint, especially from the historic tower here which is a good start or endpoint for your walk that will undoubtedly have excellent views. Es Pujols is a small built-up area near the seafront which is one of the more popular destinations for tourists to walk on the island of Formentera. Finally, On the south side of the island, there is the Barbaria Lighthouse which is another great location for a stroll.

SunsetsSurrounded by warm oceans Formentera offers one of the most unique places in the world to watch the sunset. If you want to know the best place to watch this incredible sight on the island then you have to travel down a dirt road on the west coast of the island to Cala Saona. A hidden gem that you will remember forever.




While visiting the island of Formentera enjoy the gastronomy of the chicest restaurants by the sea. Our recommendations include… 

Beso Beach This sunny restaurant is a great place to watch the sunset in the evening. While you eat there is a DJ that plays summer hits for some entertainment while you eat. If you choose to visit Beso Beach we definitely suggest you try their excellent paella. 

Juan y Andrea Here you will find a trendy restaurant on the beach – you can even take time between dishes to dip in the ocean. It’s a great experience and an excellent place to arrive by boat. 

Chezz Gerdi Our final restaurant suggestion has a chic atmosphere, good music, great views, and delicious food. If you come here in the afternoon or evening we suggest you try their wood stove pizza which is the best on the island.

El Tiburon or El Pirata Are great options if your looking for more casual dining options but still want to be by the sea.



Bars / Nightlife.

Felipe Bar Great ambiance and people. Andrea the hostess is sure to welcome you in this cozy bar that also serves tapas. If you’re just stopping for a quick rest their coffee is excellent too.

Lucky Bar A small kiosk bar that is popular amongst locals and located right on the beach. Here you can enjoy scrumptious cocktails with your feet in the sand.



Looking for a Formentera Villa to Rent?

Here at Villa Club, we have several villas to rent on the island so you can experience this island paradise moment from your front door…



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